Our pharmacy has been serving the community of Uptown Westerville for over 100 years.


      The pharmacy was originally founded in the late 1800’s. Since its establishment there have been many changes. 23 N State Street was first home to Guitner Store (1872), Burr and Linnaberry Groceries (1890), then Volks’ Pharmacy from 1900-1913. It became J.L. McFarland Shoe and Clothing (1913) which sold to E.J. Norris (1921) as a clothing store, then Williams Music Store (1930), until 1936 when Winkler and Taylor Drugs returned to the site. In 1941 the name was changed to Patterson’s Pharmacy and was complete with a soda fountain- a popular community hang out. In 1960 the name was changed to Smittle’s Pharmacy and was under the operation of Jack Smittle and his wife Maxine. Smittle’s continued to provide valuable service to the area and changed the focus from the soda fountain to drug store and sold popular patent medications, and items such as cards, office supplies, magazines, roasted nuts, cosmetics, and camera equipment. In 1972 Jim Dever was hired as an assistant pharmacist, and in 1973 he became a partner. Jim Dever bought out Mr. Smittle in February 1981 and the name changed once more in February 1981, this time to Uptown Pharmacy. Max J. Peoples, Jr. purchased Uptown Pharmacy in March 1985. It was since 1985 that Uptown Pharmacy has become the “apothecary” style pharmacy that it is today and focuses on only health related items. The soda fountain, greeting cards, photo processing, candy, tobacco, and school supplies are only a thing of our past now; everything we provide is a medical related product.


      Brinkman’s Pharmacy (AKA Brinkman’s Rexall Drugs) was established in 1875 under the name of Vance Brothers Drugs and operated by Edward P. Vance, who also ran a pharmacy in Columbus. Vance owned and operated the Westerville location until 1899. By 1913 the pharmacy was owned by O. L. Hoffman as Hoffman Drug Co and was purchased in 1924 by H. H. Brinkman and C. O. Hoffman, with Brinkman as manager. It was called the Rexall Drug Store. In addition to prescription services it was well known for its ice cream parlor- a town favorite. Brinkman’s pharmacy was operated by husband and wife pharmacists Alvin and Wanda Gardner from 1948-1985. It was purchased in March 1985 by Rick Mercurio. In 1996, Uptown Pharmacy purchased Brinkman’s, and the two companies merged operations into present day Uptown Pharmacy.


      Through the years the pharmacy has grown steadily and has become a staple in the community. While it no longer offers the soda fountain and ice cream parlor of its past, it does continue to provide Westerville with the traditional “hometown” pharmacy atmosphere, where patients receive personal care and friendly service. We are proud to say we are part of the community and often thought of as a part of our patients’ families. We are their pharmacist, and with that comes the privilege and responsibility to assist and guide them through their medication usage and medical care.


      Despite a full remodel in 2002, we have worked to maintain a definite traditional nostalgic feel to the décor filled with mahogany and colonial appearance, and the principles we use to take care of our patients are unwavering. However, we are on the cutting edge for the type of services provided in a community pharmacy. Uptown Pharmacy was the first pharmacy in the state of Ohio where pharmacists provided immunizations. We were part of the original American Pharmacist Association's Project IMPACT-hyperlipidemia program, where our pharmacists began working directly with patients by appointment to improve their cholesterol levels and provide cholesterol blood level testing.


      We continue to advance pharmacy services by offering in collaboration with your physician, Coumadin (PT/INR) blood testing and dosage adjustment, medication management and education for diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, hormone replacement therapy and other conditions. We also provide our patients with assistance in developing their daily schedule for taking their medication. If it concerns a medication we are here to help you understand what it is for, how and when to take it, potential side effects, medication interactions, other available medications that may be used for your condition(s) and guidance on when a medication may not be best for you.